What are Nic Salts? Why the Craze?

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When it comes to vaping, most people are familiar with the freebase nicotine found in most e-juices available on the market today. This explains why nicsalts are not so well known. So, in the first part of this article, I’m going to bring you to speed and answer some key questions including what Nicotine salts are, how they are different to freebase nicotine in most e-juice and whether or not you should try them out.

Nicsalts introduced

If you took a hint from the above paragraph, I’m sure you noticed that I used the name Nicotine Salts instead of Nicsalts. Nicsalts is an abbreviation for Nicotine Salts and briefly put, Nicotine Salts emanate from tobacco leaves just like ordinary freebase nicotine which is really the only similarity between the two.

The biggest difference between Nicotine Salts and Nicotine is that while Nicotine in tobacco is purely just nicotine without any additional compounds, Nicotine salts contain both Nicotine and other additional organic compounds. These compounds can differ depending on the treatments of the specific tobacco leaves during processing but all in all, regardless of the additional compounds in the salts, the final molecule is more stable.

Nicsalts and E-liquid. How it works

Like I said in the introductory paragraph, Nicsalts have been receiving a lot of positive publicity. In some cases Nicsalts are being referred to as the future of vaping e-juices. The reason why nicsalts are being referred to as the future of vaping comes from experiments done by Pax Labs through their flagship product - the JUUL vaporizer, where they concluded that Nicotine salts are actually better and more efficient than the as freebase nicotine found in most e-liquids.

To produce Nicotine Salts in e-liquid, Benzoic acid is mixed with the e-liquid in order to help with controlling and regulating the specific amount of Nicsalt formed in the resulting e-liquid. Also, at vaping temperatures, the presence of benzoic acid in e-juice would result in better and more efficient absorption of Nicotine by the body.

Another reason why benzoic acid is so effective in the formation and regulation of e-salts in e-juice is that it has an overall effect particularly on the pH of the juice itself. When the pH is higher (basic level) more freebase nicotine is produced which is not what we would need. So, having benzoic acid in the e-vapor lowers the pH of the e-juice making it less harsh to vape.

To put it simply, when we say, e-juice made from nicsalts is less harsh to vape, we are simply saying that vapor produced by Nicsalts tastes smoother and is absorbed faster by the body. And another thing about Nicsalts is when vaping them, you will get an instant nicotine fix.

The benefits of Nicsalts

I’ve been saying nicsalts are great and definitely worth a try, but why are they so great and what are the benefits that makes them different from freebase nicotine or any other alternatives?

1. You’ll get more nicotine

As I said, the main ingredient used in e-juice used for forming nicsalts is benzoic acid. What this acid does when paired with the right form of vaporizer is that it produces more stable nicotine delivery, which means you will get more nicotine to your blood in a shorter period of time, thus enhancing your whole vaping experience.

2. Has a longer shelf life.

The lower volatility in nicsalt based e-juice means nicsalts are way more stable as compared to freebase nicotine. This in turn means that e-juice based off of nicsalts has the capacity to last longer in storage without being degraded.

3. Works with most newer e-liquid Vaporizers

With some e-juices, you’ll need a powerful device if you are to have a great vaping experience, this isn’t the case when using e-juice made from Nicotine Salts. Nicsalts are very efficient at producing vapor and delivering nicotine which explains why they go well most devices, regardless of the device’s power.

Another benefit of Nicotine salts emanates from their stability. I had said above that they are less harsh which means you won’t get a throat burn when vaping e-juice made from them. They are also less susceptible to oxidation which goes a long way in reducing the risks associated with the process.

How to vape Nicsalts

One thing to note about Nicsalts is that they have been responsible for the introduction of Nicsalts only vaporizers. The e-liquid made from Nicotine salts is perfect for use in low power devices like the Sourin Air, Mi-Pod and Artery Pal. These 3 devices are ideal for vaping nicotine salts simply because they have a low power output which is optimum and ideal for nicsalts.

Safety of Nicsalts

In concluding this article, it’s imperative that I talk about the safety of Nicsalts because to some, that might be a concern.

Although nicotine salts originally form and take the appearance of any other salts, they are considered safe for vaping and they will have the same effect as that of any other form of nicotine.

All in all, vaping nicotine salts is a much better and safer alternative to smoking which comes with the added advantage of getting more nicotine to your blood in a shorter period of time without the harmful side-effects associated with smoking cigarettes.

Last updated on April 4th 2018.
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