Prime - Fizzapple 60ML

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Your favourite granny green lollipop. Sweet with a touch of sour. A totally addictive juice this is!

Prime - Fizzapple 60ML


Your favourite granny green lollipop. Sweet with a touch of sour. 2nd place finisher at VapeCon 2018. Quality juice has never been this affordable.


4.7  /  15 Reviews
Advantages: All Day Vaping, Excellent flavor
Comment: This is my favorite Prime flavor and I'll vape it all day every day.
Advantages: Always been my FAV
Comment: Loads of flavour. A classic this is
Advantages: I love this juice
Comment: Going to buy in 1L now!
Comment: Oh my word this is a fantastic flavor! It genuinely tastes like those green lollipops and is super addictive!
Coils that would last a week on other juices will consistently last 1-2 days on this product. Heck knows why. This is after buying 3 bottles and giving a good couple of coils a try. (Vaporesso MESH
Comment: Very nice juice, taste like a old school green fizzer from the day, love it !
Comment: This is by far one of the best vape apple flavours you can get I have tried a few vape flours but this one tops them all, has a perfect combination of apple and a fizz sweet
Comment: One of the best from the prime range. Absolutely incredible taste that can be enjoyed anytime of the day.
A must have for vapers looking to save on good quality e-juice.
Comment: This is incredibly good juice! My new ADV vape!
Comment: This is one of my favourite all day vapes, doesn't get over sweet or lose its flavour, perfect for a hot summer day
14 Reviews
1 Review
Last updated on January 27th 2022.