Mr Hardwicks

A sweet and tart watermelon treat.
Sweet baked peach pie. Topped with whipped cream & custard.
Icy pineapple sorbet with a twist of lime candy.
Rich tobacco blend infused with caramel cream accented with medium roast coffee beans. Deep steeped Limited Edition.
Milc Ejuice & Mr. Hardwick's collaborated closely to bring you WURL'D A delicious biscuit filled with...
The Legendary Strawberry Milkshake! Rich cream infused with strawberry syrup.
Explosive mint crisp wrapped in a chocolate shell! The authentic mint crisp experience.
This fine collaboration between Mr Hardwicks and Milc is a must for any person who wants a throwback to their...

Welcome to Mr. Hardwicks'

We're here to satisfy vape cravings with an offering of delicious hand crafted jooses.

From Johannesburg, South Africa we work HARD on in-house recipes as well as bringing you collaborations with renowned mixologists and the best quality liquids from around the world.

We believe in supporting the DIY community, keeping prices affordable, and giving credit where it's due. We do NOT sell clone recipes as our own, and have initiated profit sharing ventures where collaborative recipes are involved.

Our in-house jooses are made with Halal / Kosher USP grade VG & PG as well as 99.9% pure USP Nicotine.

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