Vape Gear Essentials

by Vape King

As a vaper and depending on the type of experience you want to get or on how you vape, you may want to keep some vape gear essential always with you. This way, you will be able to maintain the same experience over and over again.


4 Vape Gear Essentials For Every Vaper


If you're just a regular vaper who doesn't demand much, the truth is that you don't need a lot of gear near you all the time. Nevertheless, you want to ensure that you keep the following items near you:


#1: Vape Juice:

 While it may seem obvious, there are still many occasional vapers who end up forgetting their vape juice when they leave the house. The truth is that even if you're cautious and have your vaping device ready to go, make sure to include the vape juice as well.


#2: Vape Batteries:

 Vape batteries are crucial. No matter if you bought a box vape started kit which already comes with enough batteries or if you just bought a mod, you want to ensure that you are never without power. You can also opt for buying an external charger. This way, you can charge any additional batteries that you have and still be able to use your vaping device without any problems.


#3: Vape Coils Or Atomizers:

In case you don't know, the vape coil or atomizer is the one responsible for transforming vaping juice into vapor. While if you just bought a starter kit it should include a few coils, the truth is that vale coils wear out and they need to be replaced at some point. You will notice it immediately in the flavor.


#4: Skins And Cases:

While these are totally optional, the reality is that more and more vapers are using both skins and cases for their vaping devices. After all, there is nothing like a bit of personalization. In the case of cases, many vapers tend to use them to keep their gear all in the same place. Besides, a case is also one of the best ways that you have to carry your vaping device and all the gear with you. And in case it accidentally drops, everything will be protected.



3 Vape Gear Essentials For Stealth Vaping / Salt vaping


In case you like to be discreet when vaping, you still need to ensure that you have a kit with some specific gear always right next to you.


#1: Pod System:

When you are looking for the ultimate stealth vaping device, then you need to have a pod system. These devices produce a low amount of vapor and they are usually compact and small.



#2: Pod Cartridges:

 One of the things that you need to know is that most pod systems come with refillable cartridges. This means that you will be the one adding your own juice. However, there are already on the marker other pod systems that allow you to use pre-filled cartridges.

 As you probably know, not all pod cartridges are identical and you may not find the one that you're looking for when you're in a hurry. So, it's better to have some within your vaping kit.



#3: Adapters & Charger Cables:

 One of the things that you need to know about pod systems is that most of them include built-in batteries. So, this means that you just can't replace them when you run out. You need to charge them. So, make sure that you have adapters and charger cables for both your home and car always on your kit. 

Last updated on April 11th 2019.