4.78 / 144 reviews
Great stuff and affordable pricing
Amazing team and are always willing to help! Thank you guys, keep it up! As a result of the service I literally don't buy anywhere else.
Guys are extremely helpful and friendly. Very knowledgeable about the products they sell and do well to recommend whats best suited for the customer... 2 thumbs up
The Owner of Fourways Vape King Mega Store , immediately made contact with me via a direct phone call and apologised for the inconvenience caused due to a new member of staff misunderstanding the
great service and product selection, super friendly staff as well
Vape King in Fourways is probably the better branches in Johannesburg as they have a place to hang out while you choose your e-liquids. However, this brand is not the best in the area. I
Store has a lot of Mods an tanks available. Together with a wide variety of Juice.
Just very good service from these guys.
Friendly staff, with loads of knowledge about Vapes. Would recommend them to anyone needing advise. Also nice and relaxed environment at the Vape King Mega Store Fourways
No Customer service what so ever, fail to respond to emails phone just rings . Pathetic service come on Vapeking you should do better