Wotofo Troll X RTA 24MM


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Wotofo Troll X RTA 24MM


Wotofo Troll X RTA is a self-winding Clearomizer that can be connected to the vaporizing chamber deck. Then you can use your own coil for vape. Through an innovative airflow system, crank up your flavor by ten times! From the appearance point of view, Troll X RTA is still faithful to its predecessor Troll RTA, and the simple appearance puts performance in the first place. Made of stainless steel frame and PCTG tube. The deck diameter is only 24mm, which is well connected on both smaller and larger Mods. By selecting the bubble glass tank tube, the design and filling amount can be changed. In a straight PCTG tube, Troll X RTA can hold 3ml of e-liquid, but when a closed bubble glass tube is used, the capacity becomes 4.4ml. Use the top filling system to fill easily, quickly, and cleanly. The top of the Troll X RTA is decorated with a contrasting 810 drip tip. Significant changes were found in the vaporizer chamber of Troll X RTA. There is a postless build deck, so it can accommodate single and dual coils, while still leaving a large space for easy building in a compact chamber.

The installation of one or two coils will use four oval grooves. Using the supplied coil tool, you can easily shorten the excess wire to the correct length. The feet should be placed on a vertical plane and fixed on the sidewall with hexagonal screws. In the center below the coil, there is a movable slim groove responsible for air intake. The package includes two Framed Staple Clapton coils (0.33ohm Ni80), as well as the matching cotton thread and the required automatic winding tools, which can be used immediately. One of the innovations of Troll X RTA is the advanced inflow air diffusion solution. In order to make the inflowing airflow in a more targeted manner in the vaporizer chamber, an airflow insert is pre-installed under the coil, which diffuses the air through its specially designed grooves and evenly surrounds the coil with flowing air to enhance the flavor. There are two airflow inserts included in the package, with differently shaped slots (honeycomb dot & slim groove). In addition, you can use the bottom three-slotted rotating ring to adjust the airflow intensity.


• Self-winding Tank Atomizer

• 24mm Diameter

• Advanced Inflow Air Diffusion Solution

• Super Easy Air Mode Switching

• Flexible Air Control With Triangular Air Balancing System

• Optimized Chamber Space With Postless Deck Design

• 4.4ml Filling Volume With Bubble Glass

• Easy Top Filling System

• Two Shape Airflow Inserts

     - Honeycomb Dot: Soft Smooth Airflow

     - Slim Groove: Vigorous Chunky Airflow

• DL: designed for direct lung vaping


4  /  3 Reviews
Advantages: Great tank better than my old one that i got .Love the air flow and taste that i get . Great purchase
Disadvantages: Other that the juice thats leaking a bit after refilling it its not that bad in my case just depends on how u fill it .
Comment: great purchase
Advantages: Good flavour, good airflow most of the time and it looks awesome
Disadvantages: This tank leaks more than a 90's landroverl
Comment: Dispute the leaking which is very irritating I still use the tank above my deadrabbit v2 or kylin M because of the flavour and cloud production. I'd say it's worth the the money.

Would love a solution on the leaking though
Advantages: Great flavor experience, does not heat up much at all
Disadvantages: Burns through Juice quickly
Comment: Overall, I am a big fan of this tank! Very happy with my purchase, would definitely recommend it even to newbies.
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Last updated on May 25th 2022.