What’s the Ideal Wattage for Vaping?

by Vape King

We keep getting questions from vapers every single day. So, today, we decided to answer one that we get quite frequently: what's the ideal wattage for vaping?


The truth is that there isn't a unique answer to this question. After all, it depends on your personal tastes, your vape juice, and your hardware. While there is some science behind this, the reality is that it is a lot more about trial and error.


So, here's how you can discover the right wattage for vaping for you.



Using Variable Wattage Mods


In case you don't know, not all mods allow you to control the wattage. So, what you are looking for is a regulated mod. This regulated mod should include a chip that allows you to control different outputs.


Most of these mods allow you to adjust the voltage, the control temperature, and the wattage.


Simply put, wattage is just the power of your device. Let's say that you have a mod set at 50W. This means that it will vaporize more e-liquid than a mod at 40W or at 30W. So, as you can see, the most important thing to keep in mind about wattage is that the more output, the more the voltage the mod will draw from the battery.


But this isn't the only way you have to control the output. The alternative is to change the resistance of your setup which means changing the atomizer.


When you are buying a box mod, you can usually buy different coils with different resistances as well. This way, when you attach a new atomizer, it will either determine the resistance for you or you may be required to do this by yourself.



Choosing Your Wattage



#1: Look At The Coils:

 This is probably the easiest way to get the perfect wattage for you. The truth is that when you are getting a new atomizer, most tell you the resistance of a coil as they also usually state the wattage range that you should use with the coil. So, you just need to look at the coil itself or at its box.



#2: Look At The Hit:

 One of the most important things for vapers is, without any question, getting a good hit. But this varies a lot from person to person. You may be the kind of vaper who loves huge puffy clouds of vapor or you may just prefer the casual puff. If you belong to the first group of vapers, you should definitely turn up your wattage. Another important factor to keep in mind is the temperature. Again, there are vapers who like to feel the warm vapor on their throat and others don't.


Just remember that there is no right or wrong answer here. It is totally up to you and your personal preferences and tastes.



#3: Try Out Different Flavors:

 One of the things that you may not know is that e-liquids taste differently depending on the wattage. So, when you are adjusting your wattage, you may actually find a new flavor that you like.


As a rule of thumb, more complex flavors such as tobacco, coffee, and desserts juices tend to be better at higher wattages, more delicate flavors such as fruit are usually better at lower wattages.


Last updated on July 15th 2019.