What is inside vape juice?

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Even though vaping is not particularly new, most vapers don't really know what vape juice contains. While this wouldn't be an important question in other industries, the reality is that when it comes to vaping, there is an immediate red flag and lots of "experts" stating that vape juice includes all kinds of dangerous chemicals and additives.


So, in order to demystify this question, we decided to write this blog post to inform you.


Simply put, your vape juice includes 4 ingredients that you can often find in the products that you drink, eat, and smoke regularly. So, there aren't any nasty surprises here.



What Does Your Vape Juice Include



#1: Vegetable Glycerin:

This ingredient is one of the four main ingredients of your vape juice. Vegetable Glycerin has the main role of making your juice not only thicker but also more satisfying. The Vegetable Glycerin is made with oil from vegetable plants that include coconut oil, soy oil, and palm oil.


One of the things that you need to know is that in case your juice is high in Vegetable Glycerin, you will produce bigger clouds of vapor.


You can find Vegetable Glycerin in a wide range of products that you use on a daily basis. From toothpaste, shampoos, and lotions, you can also find it in low carbohydrate foods.


#2: Propylene Glycol:

The Propylene Glycol is another diluent that is responsible for your satisfaction in conjunction with nicotine. The Propylene Glycol is not only colorless as it is also almost odorless.


When you use a vape juice that is high in Propylene Glycol, your clouds won't be so big.


According to the FDA; it is "generally recognized as safe" and non-toxic. Besides, you can also find it in a wide range of pet food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.


#3: Nicotine:

Nicotine is one of the most important ingredients of your juice vape especially if you are trying to quit tobacco. However, nicotine is different in vaping. After all, the problem when you smoke tobacco is not on the nicotine but on the chemicals and additives that are combined with it. However, you won't find those on vape juices.



#4: Flavorings:

Flavorings are the last ingredient that you will find on your juice and they are meant to make your juice tastier. However, most manufacturers only use food grade flavorings and flavorings that are considered by the FDA as "generally recognized as safe”.


What Your Vape Juice Doesn't Include


Again, there is a lot of misleading information about vaping and vape juices. So, while we already focused on the main 4 ingredients your juice includes, it is also important to mention what it doesn't include.



#1: Large Amounts Of Diacetyl:

Diacetyl is a chemical that is often used in many foods as flavoring agents. Since they have a buttery taste, they are usually included in popcorns, for example.

While you can find this chemical in some juices, you won't find it in most of them.



#2: Antifreeze:

Antifreeze can actually be divided into two different types: the one that you use on cars and that contains ethylene glycol and the one that is a mix of water and Propylene Glycol. Only the last one is used in your juice as we mentioned above. 

Last updated on April 11th 2019.
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