Vozol Bar Disposable Kit (1200 Puff)


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Get the flavour you looking for in a disposable Vape with Vozol.

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Short Description

The Vozol Bar at only R100.00 each competitively priced for the South African market.

Vozol Bar Disposable Kit (1200 Puff)


VOZOL BAR Disposable Vape is the new kid on the block of disposable vapes. Lasts proximately 1000 puffs and has great flavours. Competitively priced for the South African market. The VoZol Bar is the only disposable to get.

Main Features:

  • Independent pod of 4ml capacity with a patented leak-proof design
  • Filled with 99.5% pure nicotine salts while still accompanying a strong crisp flavour
  • 670mAh built-in battery for about 1000 puff's of pure vaping pleasure
  • Portable and ultra-thin 11 mm

Physical Parameter:

  • Size: 106.2 x 21.8 x 11.5mm
  • Capacity: 4ml
  • Nicotine content: 5% (50MG)
  • Battery: 670mAh
  • Puffs: 1000


5  /  9 Reviews
Advantages: I love the red bull flavour!
Comment: When will you get more stock of red bull disposable
Vape King

Hey there. Some stock is expected to arrive next week.

Comment: I love the product but How do I know when the product is finished and I need to dispose it
Vape King

Hi there, when the draw is very weak or the flavour becomes less pronounced.

Advantages: Stopped cigarette smoking
Disadvantages: No Stock in-store
Comment: Great flavours
Advantages: Not sure
Disadvantages: Not sure
Comment: Are they rechargeable
Vape King

Unfortunately they are not rechargable.

Advantages: Finally off cigarettes thanks to this product!
Disadvantages: Lasts only 2 days of heavy use
Comment: Still cheaper then smoking, I really love all the flavours. Great product!
Comment: Do you have them in the 2% nicotine.
Vape King

Not yet. We are looking into it.

Comment: Do i have to show id or anything to prove i am the legel age when buying?
Vape King

Yes, you have to be 18 years or older to be able to purchase vape product from us.

Advantages: Lovely flavour and nice price
Disadvantages: Not enough puffs
Comment: All round nice product
Advantages: Tastes good
Disadvantages: Doesn’t last long
Comment: Good price
Last updated on January 28th 2022.