Vozol Disposable 1200 Puff


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Get the flavour you looking for in a disposable Vape with Vozol.

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The Vozol Bar at only R100.00 each competitively priced for the South African market.

Vozol Disposable 1200 Puff


VOZOL BAR Disposable Vape is the new kid on the block of disposable vapes. Lasts proximately 1000 puffs and has great flavours. Competitively priced for the South African market. The VoZol Bar is the only disposable to get.

Main Features:

  • Independent pod of 4ml capacity with a patented leak-proof design
  • Filled with 99.5% pure nicotine salts while still accompanying a strong crisp flavour
  • 670mAh built-in battery for about 1000 puff's of pure vaping pleasure
  • Portable and ultra-thin 11 mm

Physical Parameter:

  • Size: 106.2 x 21.8 x 11.5mm
  • Capacity: 4ml
  • Nicotine content: 5% (50MG)
  • Battery: 670mAh
  • Puffs: 1000


4.6  /  16 Reviews
Likes: Awesome little disposable. Great flavour
Review: Wish they lasted longer then 2 days. But the price so good so i deal.
Likes: Great flavour, have purchased numerous flavours and enjoyed all of them.
Dislikes: My last purchase lasted approximately 50 pulls and then malfunctioned with the vape light staying on and with it being a disposable, no refund or replacement policy left me feeling a little disappointed.
Review: But overall I would say is a great vape. Just hesitant now incase I get a dud again.
Likes: Very nice, portable, loves the aloe mango honey flavor,
Dislikes: Leaves a sweet taste at the of the thoat.
Review: Must not puffs/inhale longer as the smoke makes you cough just enough, will definitely buy again
Likes: Vapes soo nicely and the flavour is awesome
Dislikes: Lasts around 3 days for max. I dont vape it that often.
Review: I use it more socially but totally love it and love the service from Vape King they are top notch
Likes: Nice flavour
Dislikes: This product really does not last long and for a couple of bucks extra, buy the bigger model - unless you only take a couple of puffs a day
Review: It was a nice and compact vape that easily fits in your pocket, but the fact that it does not last long makes it a no-go for me in future. As someone who used to smoke a lot when I sit in front of my computer, and now vape a lot, this product just runs out too fast. Spend a little more and you can get something with double the capacity.
Likes: Amazing flavour
Review: When will you get more stock of blue razz and iced mango?
Vape King

More stock should arriving next week!

Likes: good flavour
Dislikes: Battery
Review: Honestly Vozol is the best disposable if your looking for good flavour
Likes: I love the red bull flavour!
Review: When will you get more stock of red bull disposable
Vape King

Hey there. Some stock is expected to arrive next week.

Review: I love the product but How do I know when the product is finished and I need to dispose it
Vape King

Hi there, when the draw is very weak or the flavour becomes less pronounced.

Likes: Stopped cigarette smoking
Dislikes: No Stock in-store
Review: Great flavours
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1 Review
Last updated on June 24th 2022.