Vozol Disposable 3000 Puff


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Vozol Disposable 3000 Puff


The Vozol Bar 3000 Puff is the highest capacity long lasting pre-filled disposable salt device with 7.5ml of vape flavour and a massive 1400mAh battery for 3000 vaping puffs. Eye catching modern design and strong flavours.


4.7  /  7 Reviews
Advantages: Great flavour
Disadvantages: Does not last as long as advertised, but still worth the purchase. Would have loved to have a warning before dying on me.
Comment: I love this vape, but you always have to have two available as one could just suddenly die on you - I don't sit and count puffs all day :) For that, I will give it a four rating and not a five!
Advantages: Flavourful and yet too much on the throat at the same time.
Disadvantages: Stock on hand.
Comment: Love this flavour! No issues and lasts long.
Advantages: So easy to use and the first Vozol I bought. Just love that there is no struggle with charging, cleaning,coils etc.
Disadvantages: It is just so tasty, I pigged out at first and then slowed right down to savor the last few days. Definitely my favorite.
Comment: I can't wait to get more of this one. It is definitely my favorite flavor!
Advantages: This one was quite a surprise as I thought it would be sweeter. But I love that it is not as sweet as the Dragbars. Motored through this one so quickly.
Disadvantages: O real disadvantage. It just so convenient. Just runs out quite quickly once the light starts to flash.
Comment: I love these ones as they offer the best value for money.
Advantages: I love this product. Not too sweet. Lasts a long time as I have different flavors in my bag at all times. Convenient as I don't need to struggle with coils and pods.
Disadvantages: No real disadvantages. Pay attention to the flashing light though as it runs out quickly once the vape is finished.
Comment: I really enjoyed this one. Need to come and get some more!
Advantages: I really believe these are the best disposables available.
Disadvantages: Last just as long as other other disposables with 1000 puffs.
Comment: Really great taste, didn't have any problem leaving my cigarettes for this vape, but I'm disappointed that this 3000 puf vozol lasts just as long as a 1000 puf from other brands. One vape lasts me 3.5 days.
Advantages: Incredible flavour. The Pina Colada is my FAV!
Disadvantages: Can get expensive.
Comment: Love love love it. Thank you Vape King for fast shipping as well!
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Last updated on May 24th 2022.