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The Vaporizer vs. The Cigarette

The many reasons to make the switch from cigarettes to vaping
The question is often asked - are there any benefits to vaping? Vaping is still being
discovered, still being researched, and still has a fair bit of skepticism. However, vaping has
many benefits when compared to traditional smoking. These benefits are significant and go much
further than personal preference. Vaping can affect all aspects of your life: social, financial, and
physical. No matter who you are, where you live, or what your beliefs, these things matter. Read
on. Important information ahead.

Cigarettes Stink That’s right, surprise. The truth is this: if you smoke traditional cigarettes, then there are
people - more people than you realize - who are gagging at the smell. You are causing migraines
with the cigarette scent, and many people don’t have the guts to tell you. This smell can affect
more than just friends. Think job interview. Think first date. Think signing a lease at a good
apartment complex. Do your colleagues a favor - burn that cigarette for the last time, switch to
the vape life.

Cigarettes Steal Not only are many years of life stolen by using traditional cigarettes, but so are the values of
everything you touch. Instead of turning things to gold, you turn them to stone. Smoking in your
car has been shown to devalue the vehicle by up to $1,000. See this article from car guide that
discusses the benefits of keeping tar out of your car - Smoking Harmful to Car. Further, smoking
traditional cigarettes in your home can lower the value by up to 29%. This number comes from
Realtor magazine - see the piece here. That’s $30,000 (flushed) on an $100,000 dollar home.
This is serious money.

Cigarettes Harm If you have children, cigarettes are going to be more damaging to them than vaping. It’s
worth considering that not only do cigarettes stink more, but they are also more dangerous to
those around you; those who would rather not be affected by secondary smoke. This is common
sense, and this is courtesy.

The Path vs the Long Run It’s true that vaping is not completely healthy; however, vaping isn’t as harmful as traditional
cigarettes. If you are on a road to quitting nicotine altogether, then making the move from
cigarettes to vaping is at least a step in the right direction. But even if you have no plans of
giving up on nicotine, making the switch to vaporizing will benefit you in many ways long term.
Conclusion Review. By switching to vaping you will:

  • Be more pleasant as a colleague - no more stinking it up in those important situations.
  • You will be richer - no more burning money with your cigarette butts.
  • You will not hurt those who want to avoid second-hand smoke - this is important. And finally, by switching from traditional smoke to vape, you will be poised for a better
  • future - whether you want to quit altogether, or just take up a healthier form of nicotine. Get out
  • there and make the change. You can do it.

Last updated on March 18th 2019.
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