Vaping Etiquette for New Vapers

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We get a lot of questions about vape etiquette, whether it's at the park (with the mommies and daddies group), or on a restaurant patio, but nothing has our customers more confused than how to vape gracefully at work. Does it require the use of a "cigarette break"? How far away should one stand from the office building? Does vapor count as a scent in a scent-free work environment?

Start with your workplace policy
Knowing the policies set out by your office will help keep you safe from stepping out of their bounds, but not all workplaces have rules around vaping. Either they haven't encountered a problem with their employees using their time to vape e-liquids, in which case, try to follow the leads of your colleagues, or approach your office manager to ask about specific policies regarding vaping and e-cigs. 

Be aware of your surroundings
When taking a vape break, practice mindfulness. Use the time to relax, refocus and reconnect with your conscious mind and your surroundings (yes, even if the smoke break spot is somewhere near the parking lot or dumpers). Doing this will help you maintain proper vape etiquette on the street, and it will make a five-minute break feel a lot more restorative. The aim is for you to return to your tasks with a clear head and renewed focus. 
Stay out of doorways so that no one has to walk directly through one of your clouds to get in and out of the building. That said, don't avoid the entranceway so much that you end up inadvertently puffing clouds over a walking path or bus stop. 

Read up on local laws
Look up vaping laws before traveling for work. No matter where you are, ignorance of the law doesn't count as an excuse, and international signage may not communicate in your spoken tongue. Check if the country has a full out bans on vapes, e-liquid, and e-cigarette supplies. 

Finally, never vape in these situations: 

  • In crowded areas, especially when children are near.
  • On public transportation systems.
  • In your work carpool.
  • Before board meetings.
  • In employee lounge areas.

So much that your boss assumes you are bored.

Bottom line

The worst thing you can do is be inconsiderate while vaping. You'll only end up offending colleagues and annoy those around you who rely on your congeniality as part of a balanced and fair workspace. You don't want to be the person who gets vaping banned for everyone, right? Common courtesy, plus common sense, are all you need to stay productive and likable without giving up your love of vaping. In fact, by following suggestions like these, you may help change the perception of vaping in your workspace.

Last updated on April 4th 2018.
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