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The truth is that there are still many people who are a bit skeptical regarding vaping and they assume that this is a subculture. However, we also need to say that there isn't a standard vaper. The reality is that there are 6 different vapor styles. So, which one is yours?



#1: The Flavorist:


For Flavorists, as you can easily see, the flavors are everything. While they don't care that much with the vaping device they are using, the flavors are different. They are always on top of the latest trends in terms of the flavors and they can't just stick to one, no matter how much they like it. Flavorists need to keep trying new flavors.



#2: Cloud Chaser:


For many vapers, the most important thing when they are vaping is the clouds they are able to create around them.


In case you don't know, there are even competitions all over the world to see the vapers who are able to exhale not only the largest but also the more interesting plumes of vapor.


For cloud chasers, their ultimate goal is to find a vaping device that allows them to create as much vapor as they can.



#3: Trickster:


Tricksters are similar to cloud chasers. The main difference between the two is that instead of looking to create the biggest vapor clouds, tricksters try to make vapor tricks. In case you are a former smoker, this is just the same thing that you used to do when you were exhaling the smoke and doing clear balls.


Tricksters try to vapor different shapes such as balls and rings as well as they also try to blow out the vapor through their mouth and nose at the same time but in opposite directions.


In case you don't know, there are even some accessories that help them perform these tricks.



#4: Hobbyist:


While you may enjoy vaping, a hobbyist has most of the pleasure not from vaping itself but from collecting vaping related material. These include collecting all kinds of mods, liquids, and devices.


Hobbyists usually have a large budget and most of the vaping material they have wasn't even used. They prefer to show it off as their private collection.



#5: Casual Vaper:


The casual vaper is that kind of vaper who isn't interested in knowing the latest vaping trends and doesn't even know the names of the components. His main interest is the ability to vape now and then, as he prefers. Casual vapers tend to stick to their vaping device and they won't even change their flavors.



#6: The Mentor:


The mentor is the more experienced vaper who has a passion for everything related to vaping. Mentors are always looking for new information about vaping and the also like to share their knowledge with other people, either vapers or not vapers. One of the places where you can easily find mentors online is on Reddit, where they will be answering all the questions about vaping.



Last updated on March 22nd 2019.
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