The Truth about Popcorn lung

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Here's the truth about popcorn lung. Let me break it down for you. Let's share this. Popcorn lung is a very serious lung disease with multiple causes, one being from a chemical known as Diacetyl. Diacetyl is the chemical component that causes popcorn lung, yes. It is an artificial butter flavor. Yes, there is Diacetyl in a ton of e-liquid.

So yes, e-liquid contains a chemical that causes popcorn lung. However... There have only been 6 cases of popcorn lung in the history of the planet. All six people worked full time at a popcorn manufacturing plant. They worked 8 hour days 5 days a week for 15 years before they inhaled enough micro grams of Diacetyl to develop popcorn lung.

About a year ago 99% of e-liquid on the market was tested for Diacetyl. The most potent juice, having the most Diacetyl, was, lets just call them 'Brand X'. Even though 'Brand X' had a relatively high Diacetyl content in comparison to the rest of the market, here is the fun part... you would have to vape 60mls, aka 2oz, aka a TON (almost impossible amount, the average is 2-20ml a day) of their liquid, EVERYDAY for 1.5 MILLION YEARS, in order to accumulate the amount of micro grams of Diacetyl it takes to develop popcorn lung. It is literally impossible.

A simple cigarette, one single cigarette contains 750xs the amount of Diacetyl that there is in a full bottle of 'Brand X', and no one has ever gotten popcorn lung from cigarettes. Lets compare... National average smoker, 1 pack a day, 20 cigarettes. 750 x 20 = 15,000 If a full bottle last three days... 15,000 x 3 Based on averages, smoking cigarettes contain 45,000xs more Diacetyl than vaping. So yeah, vaping can cause popcorn lung. You'd just had to vape every second of every day for 1.5 MILLION years. Numbers simply do not lie

Last updated on April 26th 2019.


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