The FAQ of Clone Vape Devices

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As you know, there are plenty of knock-off products on the market. From shoes to purses, clothes, among so many others. Since they are so identical to the real ones, most people end up buying them for a fraction of the price. So, what about clone vape mods? Should you buy them as well?



What Are Clone Vape Mods?


Simply put, clone vape mods are very similar copies of another vape mod. In most cases, they are so identical to the real vape mods that it almost impossible to distinguish them at first glance. In addition, and one of the reasons why so many vapers end p buying them, clone vape mods are incredibly cheaper when compared to the real ones.



So, Is There A Catch?


Yes, there is. The truth is that every time you see some product that looks identical to the real one and that is a lot cheaper, it is usually because they're not that good.


In what concerns clone vape mods, these are made of different materials and their quality is almost inexistent.


Here are the two main reasons why you shouldn't consider buying clone vape mods:



#1: Clone Vape Mods Use Cheap Materials And Have A Poor Build Quality:


When you are looking to buy a vape mod, you are looking some a vape mod that s made of high-quality materials and that it was designed with care and attention to the details. So, when you look at clone vape mods you may get the feeling that they are just the same and that the only difference is in the price. However, if you think about it, vape mod companies need to make a profit on the vape mods their sell. And this is exactly the same as what happens to clone vape mods companies. The only reason why they are so cheap is that they use cheap materials and they don't ensure that the design of the product suits you.


The poor quality of the clone vape mods is also related to the batteries they use. While it is normal for batteries of vape-kits and e-cigarettes to degrade over time, in what concerns to clone vape mods this happens a lot faster because they usually use poor quality batteries.



#2: Clone Vape Mods Don't Need To Be Regulated:


One of the things that you may not know if you are looking for your first vape mod is that they are usually regulated. While reputable brands make sure to get this regulation, this isn't the case of clone vape mods companies.


One of the reasons why reputable brands make sure have their vape mods regulated is that there are safety measures that can prevent any kind of malfunction and overcharge. Overall, they will keep you safe.


In case you are wondering why clone vape mods don't include these safety features, the reason is just one: they're not regulated. When you hear in the news that there was a vape explosion, this was probably due to the use of clone vape mods or similar clone vaping products.



How To Avoid Clone Vape Mods


The truth is that if you are looking to buy a vape mod, you want to ensure that you are getting the real thing and not the clone vape mods. However, it may be difficult for you to spot the difference and you may end up buying clone vape mods instead of regulated vape mods. So, to ensure that this doesn't happen to you, here are a couple of suggestions:


- Avoid Swap Sites, Craigslist, And eBay: While there are many genuine sellers on all these websites, the reality is that you will also find a wide variety of clone vape mods. So, to make sure that you don't accidentally end up buying a clone vape mod instead of a regulated one, it is better to stay away from these websites and search somewhere else.


- Only Buy Atomizers Or Mods From Vape Shops Unless Certified: With so many vape shops all around, it is normal that you find some with incredibly cheap prices. When this occurs, this is a red flag. While some may be legit, the truth is that it's far more often for these shops to sell clone vape mods. 

Last updated on April 1st 2019.
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