Prime - Fizzapple On Ice 60ML

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Your favourite granny green lollipop. Sweet with a touch of sour now with a cool note on the exhale. A totally addictive juice this is!

Prime - Fizzapple On Ice 60ML


Your favourite granny green lollipop. Sweet with a touch of sour. 2nd place finisher at VapeCon 2018. Quality juice has never been this affordable. NOW WITH ADDED ICE!


4.8  /  11 Reviews
Comment: I love FizzApple on ICE BABY. Really is my all day vape flavour
Comment: If you like a cold green apple taste this is perfect. I found it a little bit too much for my tastes but it is a good vape for people who enjoy menthol
Comment: Great everyday flavor.
Comment: Tastes good. Very lekker flavour. And a little mint after. Love it the most from all my flavours
Comment: Great juice and very helpful great service
Comment: It is a nice fruitty flavor with a dash of ice. It is sweet but with no funny after taste even if you use a device that spit juice on your the sweet fruit flavors with a dash of ice and I love the price.
Comment: I havent had a better flavour than this.
Comment: Amazing taste and great value. Easily on par with much more expensive liquids.
Comment: I was worried that adding ICE would kill the fizz apple taste I have come to love so much but I was wrong! Adding ICE just created the perfect balance in flavor. Well done!!
FIZZAPPLE on ICE deserved the 2nd place finish at VapeCon this year.
Comment: Very nice juice, the price is even better. well done
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Last updated on January 14th 2022.