Onyx Max 5000 Puff Disposable Rechargeable


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The Flavour King of Disposables

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Onyx Max 5000 Puff Disposable Rechargeable


The new Onyx Max is a 5000 Puff Disposable that offers fantastic battery life and insane flavour.

Priced competitively while not lacking in quality. Give the Onyx Max 5000 a try.


  • 12ML vape juice capacity
  • Type-C Rechargeable
  • 650MAH Lithium Battery
  • 16 Flavours
Flavour Name: Description
Pink Lemonade A classic pink Lemonade with our unique twist, this flavour will make your day every day!
Mango Chew A delicious combination of Strawberry and Mango reminiscent of a classic fruity taffy
Double Apple Apple on Apple on Apple, the finest Fuji apples blended to perfection
Snowcone A classic fruity Snowcone makes the perfect treat for your tongue
Blue Ice What's better than blueberries? Blueberries that have been Iced to perfection that’s what!
Berry Blaze A perfect blend of all the berries you love makes this blazin good flavour a fan favourite!
Rainbow Kiwi Kiwis, Dragon fruit and strawberries decided to throw a party on this one and we can tell you its going to be one to remember
Grape Ice We prefer our grapes chilled so we decided to make the perfect combination of grapes with just the right amount of ice
Summer The perfect summers day includes a wonderful combination of Strawberries and Watermelon, tasty and refreshing!
Peachy Melon A wonderful combination of sweet peaches, juicy mango's and freshly cut watermelons all blended together for a party in your mouth
SWP What does SWP stand for you ask….its simple Strawberry, watermelon and Passion fruit mixed to perfection
Strawberry Ice Cream Once in a while you need to go back to basics and just have a classic Strawberry Ice cream, cool and refreshing this is sure to be a favorite
Mango Sorbet Whats better than eating mangoes? Eating Mango Ice cream that’s what, a blend of sweet mangos and Ice to bring you a wonderful sorbet
Gummy Bear Everyone loves candy so we know you will enjoy this tropical gummy bear flavour, especially when you need something sweet
Lush Ice A classic watermelon ice with a unique twist that will bring fresh flavour to your mouth all day
Energy Drink It may not have any of the ingredients to give you energy but we promise if you love the taste that makes you fly this flavour is the one for you


4.9  /  7 Reviews
Likes: I tried the grape ice and energy flavours. Love them both
Dislikes: None
Review: Love the flavours it's worth the price. Wasn't sure if the vape was empty, but seemed that it needed to charge. Needs to charge quite a while. But battery lasted me atleast 2 weeks
Likes: lasted long asf
swp has amazing flavor

just that the flavor gets boring in time
Dislikes: nothing
Review: lasted long asf
swp has amazing flavor
Likes: Great flavour!
Dislikes: Recharging a challenge. I found that I battled to get it recharged to a comfortable drag again. Used four so far and only one seemed to charge properly on the recharge. With a harder and harder drag after every recharge it seemed to last pretty long. Unfortunately the drag started getting uncomfortably hard after a while to produce vapor.
Review: I would still buy this device as an alternative, just because I love the flavour!
Likes: The best disposable on the market by far.
Review: Great device, great quality vape, hits hard and still has ample flavour. 10/10
Likes: Great flavour, lasts super long between charges, compact and discreet
Dislikes: not sure if I discarded the instructions (how long to charge, how you know it died, etc) but it would be helpful if it were included here on the site :)
Review: I've bought the Summer flavour and I absolutely adore the look of it! highly recommended!!!
Likes: Fantastic device. The best flavour out of all disposables by far.
Review: Super super impressed, my new main disposable. Price is also very good.
Likes: Excellent flavour. Nice soft drag with lots of vapor.
Dislikes: Nothing yet. Will see how long it last after battery runs out and I recharge
Review: Received it this morning and is very impressed. My initial feeling is that this may become my primary disposable vape in future. Time will tell and I will update again after I killed it! :)
Last updated on August 4th 2022.