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Linvo Touch 3500 Rechargeable Disposable (RU Version)

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Main Features:
1. Top-level leather material for awesome handfeel
2. Stable MESH coil for better flavor
3. Stronger throat hit and bigger vapor
4. 10ml pre-filled juice with 2% nicotine strength.
5. 600mAh rechargeable battery, letting you enjoy 3500 puffs with ease.

Compared with other disposable vapes that contain 2% of nicotine salt, TOUCH 3500 produces stronger throat hits. Adopting mesh coil, TOUCH 3500 gives you a better vaping experience. Research shows that mesh coil can produce bigger and smoother vapor.

TOUCH 3500 comes in rich color choices, and there are 15 outstanding flavors to choose from:

3.5 out of 5
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Cheap and lots of pulls on paper
The apple flavor is terrible.
It didn't last more then two weeks before the coil burnt out.

It's just not that good but for the 60 rand sure
I like the leathery feel and the fact that it comes in 2% (for those trying to whittle their way down to 0%, like me)
I'm quite particular about always getting a nicotine flavoured vape, and the cuban cigar is ok...it kinda has this alcohol taste to it, which is weird, but that might just be me. I'll egt used to it
All in all, it's ptryy nice product, affordable, nice to hold, light. I'll get it again.
Robert Bates
Verified purchase
Cheap, easy to use, holds its charge, lovely design (feels lekker in your hand)
The litchi flavour is aaaalmost where it needs to be.
I wish it was a 3% or higher - 2% doesn't satisfy.
(It's possible that's a me-problem)
I bought 3 of them. I'm happy I bought 3 of them. I wish they were a little stronger and more flavourful - however I will probably buy again xD
Love the flavours although not as intense as other disposables.
Strength is light an ended up puffing only for 1 week.
Its a light vape, nice design an affordable price although if your a heavy user, its not sustainable. Doesn't kill the cravings due to light flavour and nicotine percentage. Airflow is also tight in my opinion.
Christine Fick
It is rechargeable with a cellphone charger. It is really nice quality, it feels leathery to the touch, the mouthpiece is nice and small. Very convenient and doesnt spit back, love that.
Not a replacement for when you need nicotine although it has 2% in, for me it doesnt give the kick I need
I bought 3 of these from Vapeking Centurion, the store had no Nicotine salts and I dont have time to return for when stock arrives. The HO has also items that the stores dont get, I will definitely order everything online, the delivery is very fast and effective. We are all smokers in our house and agree that it isnt strong enough if you need a nicotine kick. I will keep these to use at leisure so that it wont go to waste.
love this flavour. it’s among the top two for me.
the coils go like nobody’s business. we have bought a BUNCH of these. between my boyfriend and I, mine lasts longer. i think he pulls quite hard which may be ruining the coils.
love this flavour and raspberry pie ❤️
Last updated on November 28th 2023.
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