How to clean your Tank

by Vape King

While vaping couldn't be simpler, the truth is that there are some things that you need to know that can make your vaping experience better. One of them is deep cleaning your atomizer.


One of the things that you may not know is that when you start experiencing a funning taste when you are vaping, this may simply mean that your atomizer needs to be cleaned. Besides, not cleaning it properly on a regular basis may affect the longevity of your device.


As a rule of thumb, every time you replace your coil or change your e-liquid, you should clean your atomizer.



How To Clean Your Atomizer Tank?

 When you are looking for a quick clean of your atomizer tank, you just need to complete the following steps:


Step #1: Remove the excess of e-liquid:

 All you need to do is to pour it out. Instead, you can also opt to create a spinning centrifuge with a plastic bucket and a piece of string.



Step #2: Remove the coil:

 After removing the excess of e-liquid, you should then remove the coil as well. Make sure that you rinse the tank out.



Step #3: Let It Air Dry:

 To ensure that your cleaning actually produces the effect you want, you should allow your tank to air dry. In addition, you can also use a Q tip to clean all those stubborn spots.



Deep Cleaning Your Atomizer


When you are looking for a deeper cleaning of your atomizer to ensure that you are able to get the best experience as you are vaping, you just need to follow the next tips.


Whenever you look at your coils and they are burnt or brown, you can easily state that they won't be performing as they should. So, this means that it is time for a deeper clean.


The easiest thing you can do is to start by disassembling your atomizer. Then, just soak all the components, including the coil, for about 30 minutes. While most people tend to use warm water in this soak, the truth is that you can get better and faster results if you use other products. With this in mind, you can use:



#1: Lemon Juice:

 Since lemon juice is naturally acidic, it will help you clean your coils.



#2: Vinegar:

 Just like lemon juice, vinegar is also acidic. Vinegar tends to work pretty well when you have those stubborn burns and marks. Please keep in mind that you should soak your atomizer for a very long time in vinegar. The truth is that if you do, you will get into a lot of problems to remove the vinegar smell afterward.



#3: Unflavored PG:

 If you are noticing a strange taste on your atomizer, using unflavored propylene glycol can mask it.

 No matter the option that you choose, you will need to let all components air dry before you use it.



One of the things that you may have already read or heard is that some vapers clean their atomizers using a strong alcohol solution. In our opinion, you shouldn't do this since alcohol solutions could be dangerous to inhale and are toxic. Besides, they can even damage your atomizer if you soak it for a very long time.



In case you have tried one of the previously mentioned methods to clean your atomizer and if it still tastes funny, then you know that it is time to replace the coil. 

Last updated on July 15th 2019.