Look after your batteries!

Vape King

Our vape batteries are incredibly important to us, but most of us forget to look after them appropriately. So we have created a handy-dandy list of things that will help avoid incidents that can cause thermal runaway with your vape batteries:

  • Your battery wrapper is damaged ( Always replace your battery wraps when they show wear and tear )
  • Don't use Sub-Ohm commercial tanks on a mechanical device. 
  • You are building extremely low resistance coils without using a multi-meter / ohm meter
  • The air holes on your mechanical mod are blocked with dirt
  • You don’t know the max discharge rate (amperage) of your batteries
  • You overcharged your batteries with a unsafe charger
  • You let your batteries discharge below 3.2V damaging your battery permanently.
  • You let batteries touch each other on metal objects, such as in your pocket! Use battery cases when travelling.

Last updated on March 25th 2019.
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