My Vape Leaks!?

by Vape King

Not everything about vaping is good. The truth is that if you are vaping for some time, you probably already had your share of unpleasant surprises. And today, we want to tell you about one that tends to irritate vapers a lot - the vape leaks.


The first thing that we need to say is to calm down. Yes, you just have a mess within your hands (literally). But it is important that you understand that leaking is common.


One of the things that you should keep in mind is that this is rarely related to your device. In most cases, it tends to be related to something that you're doing or not doing as you should.


So, here are some tips to help you determine why your vape is leaking and what you can do to solve the problem.



#1: Keep Your Tank Always Clean:


When you vape, it is important that you take care of the maintenance of your vaping device. The truth is that this largely affects the performance and longevity.


When you don't clean your tank regularly, the vape juice will tend to accumulate in your vape tank. This may be the cause of the leak.



#2: Check Your Coils:


This is probably the most common problem to vape leaks. One of the things that you can do to prevent this from happening is to only use the right coils for your device. In addition, you should keep in mind that coils wear out and there may be a time when you need to replace them.


In case you have been using the same coils for several weeks or more, try to change them for new ones. This simple procedure usually stops the vape leaking.



#3: Hold Your Mod Vertically:


In case you are vaping to help you quit smoking, you probably still don't have the habit of holding your mod in the vertical position. However, this is the right way to do it.


To determine if this is the cause of leaking, you just need to try out vaping in different positions to see if you notice the tak leaking more in some positions than on others. If you note this difference, clean your tank and just vape holding your mod always in the vertical position.



#4: Fill Your Tank The Right Way:


In case you just filled your tank, this may be the reason why it is leaking. You may have added too much vape juice.



#5: Look For Cracks:


Most vape tanks are made to last, The truth is that the best ones are made with pyrex glass which is pretty strong. However, accidents happen and you may have a crack or two on your tank.


Make sure that examine your tank closely when you're looking for cracks. Some are incredibly small and you wouldn't have noticed them if the tank didn't start leaking. 



#6: Check The Seals:


It is normal that you clean your tank and your vape device from time to time. However, sometimes, you may have some parts loose and they may be causing the tank leak. So, verify that all the parts of your vaping device are well screwed and secured tightly enough. 

Last updated on April 11th 2019.