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General Questions
Are e-cigarettes cheaper than traditional smoking products?
Can you briefly explain what pg and vg is and what effect they have on my lungs?
What is Vape King
When is Vape King available?
Where can I find other people who vape?
I hear a crackling noise when I use my e-cigarette. Is that normal?
How can I produce more vapor?
I just purchased my Ecig and it doesn't work?
What are the benefits of vaping?
What is the cut off time for my order to be dispatched the same day as it is placed?
I've noticed that I get thirsty as I continue to vape; is this normal?
How do I become an retailer / agent?
Which Retail Store is Closest to me
What Are RBAS? What Are Mech Mods? What Are Mods? This Is all very overwhelming?
Do e-cigarettes contain anti-freeze?
What are the warranties?
I hear a gurgling sound and I am barely getting any vapor production, is this supposed to happen?
Does nicotine cause cancer?
What are the requirements for getting my E-liquid stocked at Vape King
If I place an order on Saturday and Stay in City Center when will I receive my order?
When will my order arrive?
When will my package be shipped?
Do you ship international orders?
My Device is warranty void or warranty expired can it be repaired?
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