Are Nicotine Salts Safe?

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While you may have never heard about nicotine salts, the truth is that they aren't new. In fact, they are already on the market for some years now. Nevertheless, it seems that nicotine salts just started gaining popularity.


So, as soon as you are reading this, a question pops into your mind: are nicotine salts safe? Or are they dangerous? Let's find out...



Are Nicotine Salts Safe?


Safety, in general, has always been in debate in what concerns vaping. From federal organizations, vaping advocates, doctors, among others have been discussing the safety of vaping in the last years. In what concerns to the safety of nicotine salts, we can say that when you compare it with juice, it can be considered safe.


In case you are wondering about how you can use nicotine salts, there is something that you need to know before. The truth is that using nicotine salts is not the same as using your regular juice. In fact, since its freebase nicotine, nicotine salts need to include benzoic acid in its composition.


While there aren't a lot of studies to show if benzoic acid is safe in terms of vaping and inhalation, the few that were already conducted have considered it safe.


One thing is for sure: no matter if you're using your regular juice or nicotine salts, benzoic acid or not, the reality is that more and more people are accepting the fact that vaping is considerably less dangerous than smoking.



But What Are Nicotine Salts?


Simply put, nicotine salts are just a form of nicotine (salt-based nicotine) that grows naturally in tobacco leaves.


In case you are using a regular e liquid, you are currently using "freebase" nicotine. This is the purest form of isolated nicotine. On the other hand, nicotine salts contain nicotine but they also include organic compounds that grow directly on tobacco leaves. So, as you can imagine, their molecular makeup is more stable.


In case you are one of the many users who aren't completely satisfied with normal e-liquids, then you should consider nicotine salts. After all, with their different compounds, you will probably enjoy your vaping experience more since it will be more similar to smoking tobacco.



So, which one should you choose - regular e-liquid or nicotine salt vape juice?


One of the things that you need to understand about nicotine salts is that it isn't for everyone. However, nicotine salts can be highly beneficial if you are a recent former smoker. In addition, if you like using powerful devices and make huge clouds, then nicotine salts aren't for you; you should stick with the regular e-liquid instead.


Traditional e-liquid has some benefits when compared to nicotine salt:


- More Flavors: Since nicotine salt is less popular, they have fewer flavors than traditional e-liquid. Besides, e-liquid is easy to replace no matter where you are. The same can't be said in what concerns nicotine salt.


- Availability: While nicotine salt is becoming more popular, the truth is that there are still many stores that sell e-liquid that don't sell nicotine salt.


- Device Compatibility: As a rule of thumb, e-liquids can be used with any device. However, in case you want to try out nicotine salt, you will need to use a low-wattage device.


- Less Nicotine: Most e-liquids tend to have a lot less nicotine than nicotine salt. So, in case you are trying to cut nicotine down to zero, you should stick with the traditional e-juices. 

Last updated on March 22nd 2019.
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