4 Things You Should Know Before You Start Vaping

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In case you are looking to quit smoking and you intend to use e-cigarettes to help you with the process, you may be a bit confused. After all, so many new terms such as sub ohm, tanks, coils, mods, clearomizers, among so many others.


So, today, we decided to ensure that you get all the facts straight and that you finally understand all the terms used before you even start vaping.



How Does Vaping Work?


In case you are looking at vaping to try it out for the first time, this question may be popping in your head. After all, you know how to smoke a cigarette. So, what about vaping?


In order to start vaping, you will need a special vaping device. Within this device, you will find a tank which is where you will add the liquid that you choose. The cotton wicks that you see inside absorb the juice.


This way, as soon as you activate your device, the coils that are inside your tank will gear, the juice will evaporate, and you will inhale the vapor.


Notice that this is a very simple description of the process. After all, you have a wide range of vaping devices that you can use not to mention the wide variety of e-liquids.



What Is An E-Cigarette Made Of?


The truth is that the e-cigarette is a very simple object that works in a simple way as well. Simply put, the vaping device or the e-cigarette is a simple system that converts liquid to vapor. However, you need to know that there are three main types of e-cigarettes: the clearomizer, glassomizer, and cartomizer. Choosing one will depend on your personal needs and preferences.


In addition, each e-cigarette includes a tank, coils, and the battery which is also known as the mod.


The e-cigarette has a battery. This one can be replaceable or it can be integrated into the e-cigarette itself. The mod includes the battery as well as the charges of the device. The tank is the part that holds the e-juice, the heating coil, and the wicks.




What Tank Should You Choose?


While there is a wide variety of vape tanks, the truth is that they tend to work all the same way. After all, they don't only hold your e-juice as they also ensure that the liquid is heated by the coils to the vapor point, which you will then inhale.


In case you are new to vaping, you probably think that the type of tank is simply related to its volume. However, there are many factors that play an important role and that you should consider.



When Should You Change The Coil?


As you probably already know by now, coils and tanks ate the two most important parts of your vaping device. Nevertheless, you can find a wide variety of both coils and tanks on the market.


In order to know when to change the coils, you will only need to continue vaping. The truth is that as soon as you notice that your regular e-juice is tasting a bit differently, this may mean that you need to replace the coils. 

Last updated on March 22nd 2019.
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